Mildenhall Anglican Church
Churches Together Prayer.
On the first Saturday of the month (except in August) people from the churches in the town meet together to pray. This is an important time and in order to encourage more people to come, the time was changed during Sept. to Jan. to 10-11am to see if this suited people better.
The conclusion has been that it needs to change again to 9-10am to help people who need to be away by 10am.
Please do not let the time stop you from coming- we need more people from St. Mary’s to share in our commitment of working alongside other churches in the town in serving this community.
The next time to pray will be at St. Mary’s on Sat. Feb.2nd 9-10am. Hope to see you there.

Let us also continue to pray for the world, the nation, the Diocese, the Deanery, the proposed team of churches, the people of this town, this church and other churches in the town as we serve this community.

Gracious God

I confess my sins and with gratitude

I receive your forgiveness

Give me a new heart,

and put a new spirit with in me.

In Jesus name I pray Amen ( Church Mission Society)

Gracious God, I hold just a few of the sins of the world

before you and ask for your mercy upon us

Replace hearts of stone with hearts of flesh

and put a new spirit within us

I Jesus name I pray ( Church Mission Society)


I go to church on a Sunday

The vows that I make

I break them on Monday

The rest of the week I do as I please

And come Sunday morning, I pray on my knees.

Dear God I know I'm not worthy

But I need you so.

Please won't you hurry

and help me to turn back from the path I have trod,

You'll never be sorry dear God.

Every day we read in the papers

The carryings on of some of our neighbours.

We're sinning and lying and forgetting the faith

Then we have the nerve to ask

Is it too late? Pat Hicks

Enough from Tearfund

If someone woke up from a coma after 80 years, I wonder what they' say the story of our culture was? What's the narrative driving the whole thing forward?

Well. They might ccme away thinking it's something like; work as hard as you can so you fill your life with as much stuff as possible, so maybe one day you can be happy.

Am I wrong? Because every year it seems as though we're bombarded with more and more messages saying that we're only one purchase away from happiness. If only you had this gadget, those clothes. that car.... then your life would be complete.

In other words, the prevading narrative of the western world is, essentially: you are not enough. You need to add things to your life in order to make it better.

It can be hard to hear the still, small voice of calm through which God so often speaks, when there's so much else going on. Because lets face it, we live in a busy, noisy, cluttered world. This clutter is increasingly affecting our physical health, our spiritual health and the health of God's creation too. Lent is a chance to go bqck to basics, clear out the clutter and focus on things that truly matter. Grace, Faith, Love, Family and Friends. ( Tear fund )

Lent is the ideal time to pause, step back, and raise our awareness of things we take for granted

We need to hold a vision of a better world, free from poverty and climate change. Where everyone has enough to eat, and can live without fear of their home being destroyed.

But right now, millions of the world’s poorest people are feeling the worst impacts of climate change, and experts predict more floods, drought and extreme weather patterns to come. For those living in poverty, this means more hunger, conflict and insecurity, and a more uncertain future for us all.

You can order a copy of “Count your blessings” from

Pray for the work of Christian Aid this Lent as they focus on climate change and how it effects the lives of those who are pushed to the brink of survival.