Mildenhall Anglican Church

A prayer by Justin Welby, Archbisop of Canterbury

Gracious and generous God, you became poor so that we might be enriched by your love, and you gave the world' wealth and resources as common inheritence of all human beings.

We pray you would strengthen your church to be a beacon of hospitality for the poor.

We pray that, seeing the light of Christ's love, the nations and people of the world may fight not to kill, but to outdo one another in the care for the poor, and in actions of gracious generosity.

Through him who for our sakes did not grasp the wealth of heaven, but instead gave all to live for us as a slave, and die for us in pain, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Prayer - Afghanistan

Afghan Christians are either converts from Islam or the children of converts, they face servere consequences if their faith becomes known. Afghanistan is one of a handful of countries where the law imposed on converts from Islam is the death penalty for apostasy in accordence with sharia. Their families also disown them and they potentially face murder at the hands of relatives.

Pray that Afghan Christians will know God as their refuge and strength ( Psalm 9:9 ) for God's protection from persecution and that they will be encouraged by Christian radio and internet ministries. Ask the Lord to provide for Christians who have fled the country and now live as refugees.

February Prayer topics

Let’s go on praying for peace, clean water and love for Jesus for the world.

Extra things we may take on this Lent time- Lent lunches, Lent courses, extra prayer, collecting for Water aid, and other ways to grow in our discipleship.

New and ongoing challenges for us as a church- in growing, in finance, in people to take on new responsibilities- PCC, Churchwardens, welcome team and an increasing number of practical and pastoral roles.

Thanks for answered prayers. For Terry – that he is home and now for steady progress in rehabilitation. For others who are unwell or grieving.

Jeremiah Chapter 29, verse 11 (N.I.V.). “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”.