Mildenhall Anglican Church

Pray for Afghanistan where the government and international forces are struggling to contain the violence and wide spread criminal activities. Many are leaving their homes to find safer conditions. Pray that God will provide for the most vulnerable.
Pray for South Sudan which has been experiencing conflict since 2013, which has resulted In 4 million people displaced from their homes. Pray for God to Strengthen those providing emergency assistance.
Pray for Somalia following the worst drought in years, 6 million desperately need humantarian support. Pray for sustained rainfall for farmland to restored.
Pray for the new president of Zimbabwe who has a huge task ahead, restoring the economy and delivering on promises of reform.
Pray for Tearfund people who are working with pastors in West Africa, Students in Iraq, communities in Rwanda and Burundi and young people in Lebanon. Pray that God will use these people powerfully to bring peace and healing to many lives.
Pray for the worsening crisis in Burundi, Right now 58% of the population are chronically malnourished, an unusually high number of natural disasters in recent years has led to communities being displaced and homes and livelihoods destroyed.

Please pray
For world governments as they try to resolve the plastic pollution problem
For our National Government as they negotiate terms for Brexit
For the local Government as work gets under way for the new Hub.
For our church as we consider our plans for “Growing in God”
For our Schools as the children return after the summer break.