Mildenhall Anglican Church

Prayer Focus - Newmarket & District Youth for Christ

Please pray

For Their work in our local schools & colleges

For lunch clubs at Soham and Mildenhall

That some young person who is interested in youth work to join the team volunteering for a year  

For all their fund raising events

For all the youngsters and leaders attending Soul Survivor this year At Peterborough showground 19th – 24th August

For more openings in Schools and also more opportunities to work with the youngsters outside school

Prayer points – For the world

Pray for those working with refugees across Europe and the Middle East

Pray for all those who have fled their homes and now face an uncertain future,

Pray for peaceful resolutions in places of conflict around the world.

Pray for the new government that they may make wise, compassionate decisions.

Pray for emergency services doctors, ambulance, police and fire service

For the community of Manchester and all those affected by the tragedy.

For Katie & Charlotte as they come for their Baptisms on 4th June

For ourselves for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us

Prayers for Pentecost

Holy Spirit, Come! Fill me with the joy of your presence! No matter how dull and dreary the days may seem, Bring such delight You bring gifts, life giving gifts, Overflowing, springs of living water welling up to eternal life! Let me drink my fill! Fill me to the uttermost with all that is good and worthy, all that is noble and just, so that I may always delight in you And share this joy in you with those I meet in life. Amen

Holy Spirit come! Guide me with your wisdom! There are so many voices, that seek to gain our minds and hearts! I don’t want to be swayed away by opinions that are here today and gone tomorrow! Point me on the way to Christ.

Come, Spirit of truth, guide my way That I may not be lost. Guide my mind that I may not be deceived. Guide my heart that I may find my true self and my true destiny. Amen

Holy Spirit, come! Come and help me. When we are down hearted you comfort us and lift us up; When we are tempted to despair; you encourage us; When we are full of anxieties you ease our troubled spirits When we suffer hurts from others, you pour your healing balm over us; When we falter on the path of virtue you encourage us to keep trying! Come, Spirit of all consolation, and revive me. Amen

Come, Hoy Spirit, fill our hearts. Enkindle us the fire of your love. Send forth your gifts of grace and we will be renewed.

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