Mildenhall Anglican Church

Prayers – Persecuted church- Barnabus Fund We lift to you the countless thousands who have suffered through flooding in South Asia and West Africa and hurricanes in the Caribbean. Have mercy on them and provide for them.
We ask also for East Africa and southern Africa that You will send rains at this season in the right places and the right amounts, that crops will grow and flourish and the years of hunger come to an end. May Your children affected by these disasters be sources of hope, peace and comfort to all around who do not yet know You for themselves.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Christians in Iraq, who have endured so much hostility, conflict and violence in recent years. Give them Your peace in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty, especially for those displaced from their homes and facing such an uncertain future, especially in the light of the Kurdish independence referendum in
September. Make clear to each one where they should go, and help them to remember daily that their true home and citizenship is in heaven.
Heavenly Father, we pray for South Sudan where millions of people are facing severe hunger, even famine in places. We thank You for helping Christians stay strong in their faith during long years of conflict
and hardship. Be with Your children in their desperate need, and protect and provide for families forced to flee. May they find refuge and strength in You.

Lord, today your people seem forsaken, left alone in cruel hands,
Persecuted, violently abused, martyred.
Make real to them Your presence and Your love.

For hope is near; Glory descends and darkness is banished.
Death's sting is no more, Resurrection triumphs o'er the grave.
Christ lives for evermore.

Lord, Victim, Priest and King, Come to your suffering people,
Heal their brokeness, Bind their wounds,
Remove their distress, and be for them a hope and future.