Mildenhall Anglican Church

Prayer Focus - Children's Society

The Children’s Society has helped change children’s stories for over a century. They are a social justice organisation, and are founded on and driven by Christian values. They employ more than 900 talented and dedicated staff across England. Please pray for them and all those who volunteer or fund raise.

For many parents living in poverty, money is the survival factor, Caring for children becomes endlessly complex, a series of negotiations among family members, neighbours and friends.

Who can you trust enough to take on those responsibilities? Inevitably, some children get neglected; some get left alone. And with all that, the guilt, the nagging worry about what’s going on at home; whether the children are getting into trouble, whether they’re safe.

And for some children, the school holidays are often times of dread. Maybe school for them is a respite from a desperate home life; the only place they are free from fear or able to rest, have a reasonable conversation with an adult, or even to get a square meal. Please pray for them

Faithful God,
Thank you that your love is not limited;
it is for those who are disadvantaged,
broken, poor, isolated or living in fear.
We ask that you would grow our faith

Generous God,
you provide all that we need, and more besides.
Thank you that you provide for each of us,
even when we fail to appreciate your gifts to us.
Help us to remember those who don’t have anything at all
and demonstrate the compassion you have shown us.
We pray especially for families who struggle, and are
unable to afford food.
May we share what we have with those that do not have enough,
that there might be more than enough to share amongst us.

Loving God,
Thank you that you love and delight in your church.
Help us to be the communities you are calling us to be,
loving, supportive and able to make a difference around us.
We pray for young people as schools begins again,
those looking forward to returning,
those who are dreading going back
and those for whom school may be a welcome change.
In a time of transition, we ask that our churches
would be the places of support that young people need.

Prayer requests:

If you have a special prayer request- then an easy way to raise more prayer quickly is to ask the prayer Care Team to pray.

Please phone Sue – 711930 or Jill Nunn – 714775. The requests will be kept confidential. If the request is for someone else please ask if they would like us to pray.

And please let us know how things are progressing, so that we can pray more – or give thanks for answered prayer

I'll cherish the here and now

Not worry way ahead,

But delight in each new moment

Of this day instead

I won't scan far horizon

Searching for the rain

but enjoy the present sunny skies,

Then I will surely gain

Strength from being happy,

Joy from being glad,

To cheer me like a sunbeam

If I feel down or sad.

I'll leave to God the future,

Trust Him all the way

And thank Him for each precious hour

He's given me this day!

Marion Cleworth