Mildenhall Anglican Church

Resurrection Prayer by David Adam

I arise to life today

I arise to light and love

I arise to life today

Through the love of God above

I arise to life today

In the power of the creator adored   


I arise to life today 

Through Christ our risen Lord. 

I arise to life today

With energy for each hour

I arise to life today In holy spirit's power.

Christ risen in glory

Scatter the darkness form our path

Christ risen in glory

Lift the heaviness from our hearts

Christ risen in glory

Dispel the troubles from our minds

Christ risen in glory

Take the weariness from your world

And we will serve you in love,

In Joy and light and peace


Risen Christ come,

Raise the fallen,

Strengthen the weak,

Support the weary,

Give peace to the troubled,

Comfort the anxious

Uplift all who are down,

Give wholeness and healing,

Be with us now and forever,

Risen Christ come, now and forever Amen 

Prayer - Eritrea

Eritrean authorities continue to detain Christians without charge, while in prison they are denied

Bibles and prevented from practising their faith. In 2017 there were almost 3,000 religious prisoners,

in metal shipping containers and subjected to extreme tempretures. Eritrea has suffered a 30 year

war of independence, continuing tensions with Ethiopia and a repressive Marxist government.

Christian ministers are being forced by the government to join the army and many Christians have

fled the country, some going to Isreal, where they have encountered harsh treatment.

Call on the Lord on behalf of Eritrean Christians labouring under the yoke of persecution and

imprisonment, trusting that He 2 is concerned about their suffering” (Exodus 3:7) even if we do not

know the details. Pray that God will move the Eritrean government to respect the freedom of religion

in their country’s constitution. Pray for Eritrean believers who have fled the country; may find safe

havens where they can live safely and worship Christ freely.

Eritrean authorities continue to detain Christians with out charge;

From Barnabas fund

Please pray for

All those contemplating taking up the positions of Churchwarden, PCC members and the welcome team at the APCM on April 29th

All the school children and visitors who have come and explored the 'crosses of hope' and that they

are reminded of the hope to come.

The Nations as they work towards peace and an end to pollution

All who are unwell

For God's comfort for family and friends who grieve loved ones. We give thanks for the

memories and lives of Sandra Wilkins and Ruby Taylor.