Mildenhall Anglican Church

Direct giving

We are gratefully for all the different ways that you give to the church.

Rather than find cash, if it is easier for you to give directly- please ask Sue for the bank details. -This could be to the general fund, or to the building fund.  It is also possible to set up a direct debit to the covenant fund.  For tax payers there is also a confidential gift aid form that will enable the tax to be claimed back on any of your gifts to enhance your gift by 25%.

Thank you.

Gift Aid

Donating through gift aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every pound you give from the UK government. And it doesn't cost you any extra.

21% of people say they have never heard about gift aid, and a further 25% say they know next to little about it. Charities have claimed more than £12bn from the government since the scheme started, but more than £750bn of gift aid goes unclaimed every year

It doesn't cost you a penny all we need is for you fill in a form with your name and address. Please see Stephanie or Sue