Mildenhall Anglican Church

Update from ~Rachel ~Ulmer

October 2019

It is very hot and humid in Lahore, sometimes she cannot use her glasses because of the

perspiration in her eyes, They also have to be careful sweaty hands do not affect the computers.

Since she returned from the UK, she has been busy visiting schools and planning lessons in

English, which is a compulsory subject, although many of the teachers speak Urdu and not

much English. She is trying to get the teachers to draw simple pictures and write and speak

simple sentences.

While in the UK at a CMS conference she saw a children's badminton set

that could be set up easily and used anywhere, so she bought one for the her schools. They are

currently having a problem with footballs as the valves melt in the heat and can't be pumped


The price of food has increased sharply and the government is putting a cap on essentials.

The Bible programme is going well and two trainers are busy preparing workshop and

teaching the syllabus in schools. One of the schools has already opted out of the syllabus, so

please pray that the trainers will not be discouraged.

Her free time (which is not much after chores and school preparations ) is spent watching

mystery and detective DVDs reading similar novels from the BCL doing puzzles, Sudokus

, and playing with the padre's two children ans helping them with English reading. She has

recently started knitting hats for the brick kiln children.

She values all your prayers, please continue t pray. This will be her last year in

Lahore as she aims to retire at the beginning of May next year when her visa expires .