Mildenhall Anglican Church

 Dear churches

,lm at this time - it has been very difficult for some and easier for others!

I am just sending an update on the situation here. I was supposed to return to the UK to settle in May when my work finished, but extended my time here and am now returning in July and doing quarantine at my brother's house.

Like most countries, Pakistan has had various states of lock down with schools, churches, mosques, community halls and non-essential shops closed. Things are opening up a bit now but the COVID rates are rising steadily.

I have been mostly staying in, but helping with teacher training on WhatsApp, online school lessons and homework packs for children with no internet.

I have delivered food to the brick kilns and encouraged the children there and my friends have delivered vegetables for the people. The padre here is doing online Facebook services (over 1000 people are watching) and distributing food parcels to those out of work due to the virus. Many local people have given money for this, although they are not well off themselves, and some of my friends in UK have sent donations. This has enabled nearly 450 parcels to be sent. 

I hope to visit the churches sometime when it is safe to do so, maybe by the autumn, as I really appreciate your prayers and support. Please pray for my safety as I fly back. Rachel.