Mildenhall Anglican Church

Rachel Ullmer - Church Mission society

Easter was a time of reflection and joy. The children walked down the road with palms (which grow locally)and there was a three hour thoughtful service on Good Friday followed by Hot Cross Buns. At sunrise on Easter Sunday they walked along the road singing the Easter song “Call Halllujah, Jesus Christ is risen” after this she then went to the Urdo church which was decorated with lilies and an empty tomb.

She has had a very busy time since November trying to obtain a visa, and after many visits to Islamabad was finally given a letter of extension.

She has made many visits to schools teaching, training and encouraging both children and the teachers.

Please pray for the schools and for the future of education in the church schools, for teachers and trainers, and for Rachel's safety. For more news see Rachel's letter on the church board