Mildenhall Anglican Church

Rachel Ullmer update

In November the city was enveloped in smog from India and you could hardly see.

Christmas was a very busy time and she enjoyed attending carol services and Nativity plays at the


The teachers are now in good spirits as their salaries are now being paid regularly, although sadly

the previous head has left due to non payment of salary, but the Bishop has appointed a new head

who is doing a fine job. The kitchen garden is doing well, She has been on a course so now knows

when and where to plant the vegetables.

The Bishop has instigated a Bible ciriculum project and she is in charge and training a new lady

who will take over and become the Bible trainer for schools.

A day course on general health, hepatitis and HIV/aids was held for senior pupils and staff at the

Raiwind school The teachers were very interested as these diseases are now spreading across