Mildenhall Anglican Church

    Summer time brings treats of all sorts of ways:

S S for Strawberries, salads, sunshine, sea-air, swifts and swallows.

U U for umpires for tennis and cricket

M M for marrows, marigolds, mint rock and ice-cream

M M for more marrows……

E E for evenings, evening sunsets and time to linger outside

R R for raspberries, ripe red-apples and rhubarb-crumble

and R for Rejoicing in all the beauty around us. Let’ s take time to enjoy and to be grateful.

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above,

so thank the Lord, O thank the Lord, for all His love.”


In Praise of God's glory

Sunlight dappling through the trees, reflects your glory,

clouds scudding across the sky, show your majesty,

waves lapping on the shore, sing your praises,

birds swooping overhead, display your creativity,

breezes caressing our faces,tell of your love,

and all things echo your greatness and power

God of beauty , we give thanks for your creation

a canvas no human could create. By Jenny Child