Mildenhall Anglican Church

 This year people have been noting the amazing bird song in the gardens. I’m not sure if it’s because we are listening more, because it is quieter that we are hearing the bird song more, or if the birds are singing more because it is quieter!

The birds in our garden having been singing their hearts out- robins, blackbird and gold finches. Thrushes, blackbirds and robins are nesting, swifts twitter overhead and a cuckoo echoes in the distance.

The garden looks green and lush- but the ground is parched, cracked open and the crops badly need a very good drench.

When it does rain everything looks fresher and even more beautiful.

We also need spiritual refreshment, especially if we feeling a bit stuck in a rut, dry and unexcited. In the book of Acts (3:19 NIV) when Peter is talking to the people in Jerusalem he tells them about Jesus, of the need to repent and turn to God so that sins can be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.

Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to us like refreshing rain- to strengthen us, restoring and renewing us each day, helping us to be creative, to see the potential of new things, enabling us, teaching and guiding us…..

Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to bless us each day.