Mildenhall Anglican Church

Lent opportunities

The 40 days of Lent mark the 40 days which Jesus spent in the desert. There He was tempted by the devil – an attempt to knock Jesus off course, to make Him sin and doubt God’s purposes.

During His time in the desert Jesus would have had time to pray, be with God, to listen and prepare for the days ahead.

Lent for us can be a time opportunity- to pray, be with God, to listen and prepare for the days ahead. – Days when we will be considering Jesus sacrifice and time about our grateful service. Days to come when we will celebrate Easter and Jesus’ resurrection, time too to think about our ongoing following and Christian lives.

Things we could do to make the most of the time of Lent:

1. Take part in the Christian Aid Lent lunches

2. Come to the “God’s Big Picture” Lent course

3. Come to one of the Prayer times (Wed.2pm, Thurs.4-4.15 (7.45-8pm after March 31st), Fri.9.45-10am.

4. Pick up one or more “Body Building Prayer” cards to guide our praying- putting time aside each day

5. Pick up a “40 days to Pray” sheet.

6. Pick up a Christian aid or Kagera Lent challenge booklet, or find online.

7.To spend time letting the Holy Spirit guide us in building godly character- searching our hearts, attitudes, thoughts, words and actions.

8. To consider our giving and our response to God’s generosity to us. To sign up for the Parish Giving Scheme.

9. To pray about standing for the PCC, being a Church warden, or on the welcome team.

10. To take time each day to ponder and wonder at the hope which the cross brings to us.