Mildenhall Anglican Church


Psalm 104 is a magnificent reminder of God's creative work and upholding power in our world.

When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground. May the glory of the Lord endure for ever. Psalm 104:30-31.


As you reflect on these verses fro psalm 104 consider the word that God has created and loved. These verses speak about perfection but we now have a world which is fragile, broken, hurting and which at times, seems hopeless. Take time to lament the pain, brokenness and tragedy that we see today in the world.

We have not always taken care of our world, nor acted in the way that we would have liked. Consider the ways which our world has been damaged and is in need of renewal, and how we may have expressed apathy, negligence and complicity.

But in the midst of the brokennness, ther eis hope . There is beauty and God's renewing his beloved creation. Think abot the signs of hope that there are in our world and the various ways that we can be a part of this renewal.


Loving Father God, loving creator, We give you thanks for this day. Help us now to worship you.

We thank you for the opportunity of this day, Grant us a spirit of openness and enquiry, A willingness to learn and be taught, A willingness to be open to new ideas and challenges.

We thank you that we are wonderfully made. That you know us and love us. Help us to know that your love endures forever.

You are renewing and restoring us, And also renewing and restoring the whole of your creation. We give you thanks and praise. Amen