Mildenhall Anglican Church

A few notes from the PCC news from September 7th meeting:

1. With heavy hearts the PCC decided to cancel the Tree Festival this year.

We will look at alternative ways to celebrate and can still have the nativity trees and

 windowsills decorated. Please see the letter on the noticeboard which is being sent

 to all organisations. -More news next month.

2. Spikes will be placed around the windows on the east side to prevent damage being done by pigeons.

3. Jeanette Hobbs has been accepted as St.Mary’s church representative governor

 at St.Mary’s academy. (Thank you Jeanette).

4. The PCC requested further clarification and reassurances concerning the new

 team of churches proposal. (These have since been received and satisfied concerns

 raised in our representations made last September, so we have been able to

 withdraw our representations and await further new.)

Canon Sandie Barton will be retiring on November 1st.

Please see the noticeboard for a fuller summary.