Mildenhall Anglican Church

PCC notes- a summary update from discussions by e-mail

News – we now have to pay for brown bin collections. While have signed up for a year,

 we also plan to get a compost bin and see if this will be sufficient.

Faculty applications have been updated and now cost less if you apply online.

APCM. The delayed annual parochial church meeting (APCM) need to be held before Oct.31st. Until then all appointed officers and PCC members remain in post.

Sidespeople. The PCC now has the responsibility of appointing sidespeople.

Thank you to all who have served over this last year and all who are now duly re-appointed:

Pam Aves, Jean Bates, Jenny Everett, Ann Leeks, Jill Nunn, Terry Nunn, Eileen Redman, Marion Turner, David Turner.

800 celebrations

The community celebration on Sept.13th 2020 with Bishop Martin has been re-arranged for September 5th 2021.

We can plan for a community thanksgiving service this September to give thanks for being able to return to church and some normality.

We are pending deciding what to do this year about Open tower and Tree festival.

Elder re-licensing has been delayed.


Donations via the PGS are helping greatly to provide a steady income.

Thank you.

Parish share- we have been given a waiver of £22,849 (less than last year) and while

 we do not have an exact amount allocated to us, at the moment it stands in the region

 of £40,000.

On top of our monthly payment of £1,000 the PCC agreed to send a further £5,000 in June.

£360 tithe payment for two months has been sent to the Barnabas Fund.

(£360 will be sent to Youth for Christ in July, £360 to CMS in September and £360 to

 Tearfund in November).