Mildenhall Anglican Church

News from the PCC – Meeting 5th March

    APCM In the church from noon on April 29th. Nominations needed for 2 Churchwardens, 2

    PCC members for 3years and 1 member for 1year.+ New people for the welcome team.

    Please see Sue.


    General Fund Balance as at Jan 3rd - £4,160

    Building Fund £13,214 all major payment made.

    Covenant Fund balance March 5th £2,180.14 Of this £352 restricted for insurance


    Tithe £300 each to:- CMS Rachel Ulmer in Pakistan, Newmarket YFC, Bibles for St. Mary's

    Academy, Embrace, St. Nicholas Hospice, & Mildenhall Mission pot.

    Churchyard Parking

    Space allocated to the tenanted flat to be terminated upon their leaving. Grass needs

    reinstatement, ultimately more space for those with limited mobility.

    School links 25 classes to visit St. Mary's before Easter, for trail, service and crosses of


    Future events Open tower on hold until weathercock re-sited. Quiz end of May,

    Remembrance – schools possible input via writing and art. Bulb planting a possibility

    involving youth organisations.

    PTO Rev'd David Everett now has Permission to Officiate, so he can now lead services and

    we welcome David & Jenny to the congregation .