Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog

I love to be outside and see the leaves and blossoms, the catkins and daffodils, the bees and butterflies. New things changing every day.

Well, I seem to be changing too. I haven’t grown any more upwards, but I am filling out. And my behavior may still be a work in progress, but I hear that there are encouraging signs!! For example, when the big back gate blew down in the wind, I didn’t run away, just barked and bounded up and down. I am making more friends and letting more people give me a coach. And I don’t need to sleep in my crate at night anymore. -I can be trusted to sleep out (usually on the settee), which is much comfier.

There are some things though that I still can’t resist. Like Dad’s jam sandwiches when he has been distracted. Suki’s bone is always so much more desirable than mine. Other dogs make me so excited and boisterous that I can pull Dad over. Slippers, shoes and socks just have to be moved around and hidden. Dad has a new hearing aid (after I nibbled the last one). The new hearing aids are kept in a special box out of Buddy’s reach. So, this morning when I needed something to do, I picked up Dad’s torch and managed to switch it on! Then, I took his glasses for a walk – dropping them a few times on the way - to get attention.

SO, still some areas I am told to work on, but I have changed and promise to try to go on changing. I wonder as Lent draws to a close if we will remember to change the way we live- perhaps keep up the ECO 40 suggestions, go on remembering verses from the Bible, continue with extra prayer or other things we have taken up. Evidently it takes 6 weeks for something to become a habit. So, maybe we have formed some new habits in Lent that we can go on doing all year round. Let’s make our changes last, letting the Holy Spirit transform us this Lent and forever.

Buddy one of the Vicarage dogs