Mildenhall Anglican Church

.“Suki’s space”. Woof woof everyone. Time to catch up with news from the vicarage. It’s been all change- again. Just as I was getting used to some peace and quiet and lots of attention all to myself, in comes “Buddy”.

“Buddy Bear” is the name he came with. But he is not a bear. A fish may be, as yesterday afternoon he was in the pond five times!! He could be a cat as he likes to get on the table or the windowsill. But not a bear, or a fish, or a cat, definitely a dog, a big very bouncy dog. I call him Tigger. He is a whirlwind.
He bounces here, he bounces there. He eats everything- or tries to. In 2 weeks he has destroyed a bucket, a watering can, 4 pairs of glasses, a pair of shoes, fir cones, a hairbrush and a CD case. Lots more things bear his teeth marks, as he has given them a try. He likes to crunch, as well as to bounce. And move things around, or take them out into the garden. Everything has to be “Buddy proof” which mostly means putting something up higher on a shelf. However, he has an incredibly long reach. Nothing seems safe.

Mum calls him “Buddy nuisance”. (Although I know she loves him.) She says we have to be firm, but patient with him as he has got to learn. This is already his 3rd home and he is only a year old. He wasn’t given the guidance he needed when he was young- so he needs extra help now. She says we can’t expect him to know what is appropriate if he hasn’t been shown. –Mum says that’s a bit like some people who don’t know about God or church- we have to be patient, understanding and help them to know. She says it’s also like God with us- he is very patient, especially when we mess up time and time again. We need to follow His guidelines and then we are kept safe.

Well, I hope Buddy’s a quick learner. I will keep you posted. In the mean-time- “patience is a virtue”. Mum says patience is also one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, so the Holy Spirit will help us to stay calm. I hope the Holy Spirit helps Buddy too- not to bounce tooooo much!

Yours, Suki, the “grown-up” vicarage dog.

All for now, woof woof, Suki the vicarage dog.