Mildenhall Anglican Church

Barney’s blog

Well here we are again, another month, another blog. And I wouldn’t be writing to you if it wasn’t for my Mum’s help. You see my paws are just tooooo big for the keyboard. So, I woof and my Mum types….. (just in case anyone was wondering).

I am now officially a GIANT dog according to our new dog food. And very nice new dog food it is too. It’s given me a real spring in my step and a bounce to my tail. SO, watch out pussy cats, squirrels and pigeons, Barney is coming. If only I could climb trees too, or even fly.

Anyway, on the back of the dog food pack there is a list of how much food to give to each dog according to weight- and I evidently come into the GIANT category! I know I am big. Nearly every time I go out someone will say oohh look at that big dog. Well I say yes, all the bigger and better to swipe sandwiches from unsupervised plates on the table with. And, all the better to be hand height for head pats. All the better to be big enough just to step onto beds and settees without having to jump. All the better in every way, as there is so much more of me to cuddle and children love to do that.

At least some of them do. There are a few who take one look at me and think I must be really fierce because I am so big. I just want them to know, that I am a GENTLE GIANT, not to be put off by looks. So, often we can judge someone from the outside, but I heard my Mum say that God judges us from the inside, that He looks at what is going on in our hearts.

I am glad about that, as I always try to be gentle, always try to be a comfort and a warm friend (well for everyone except cats!)

So, let’s not judge others and let’s be true-hearted and glad to be as God has made us.

Woof, woof your canine GIANT friend, Barney the vicarage dog.