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Barney’s blog

Hi and woof, woof to you all.

I am a happy dog today it is a bit cooler. But I am in the doghouse again……… and it’s all because of balls. Oh dear, I just can’t resist those lovely round things. I’ve pinched a cricket ball and a tennis ball. They really shouldn’t leave them lying around. A rummage in the grass, one quick snatch, tuck it in my mouth and I’m half way home with it before anyone realizes.

My other weakness is fat-balls. Yes, I know they are for the birds, but why should they get all that lovely lardy stuff.

SO, when my Dad’s back was turned I helped myself to the unlidded container– open invitation.

In my own defence I was off my own food at the time. -Can’t seem to get up an appetite in this hot weather.

In fact I haven’t been myself at all in this heat. I have shed as much fur coat as I can (making sure it goes as far around the house as possible, especially if Dad has just done a hoover!) I drink a lot and lie in the shade, but sometimes I just can’t get cool. And last Saturday my legs went all wobbly, just wouldn’t hold me up. All I could do was lie there and try to breath. My Mum and Dad got very worried. I was just listless and floppy. Mum got a big wet towel – ooh didn’t like that, but it did help a bit. Dad even slept in the kitchen with me all night because he was so concerned. That was nice, even if he did snore.

And they prayed before we went to sleep. They sounded so upset, but prayed that God would look after me and that whatever happened it would be the best thing for me. I got this lovely feeling of peace and I knew that when I woke up it would all be alright. If I was better I would have more time here to pinch some balls- or if not I would wake up in doggy heaven where it will be cool and fun and perfect. It was a win, win.

Anyway I am glad to say, here I am, still chasing the cats…..

SO, it’s woof, woof from me, or tweet tweet after the fat ball – keep cool and keep praying,

Barney the vicarage dog.