Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog

Woof, woof, today I thought I would tell you about my hobbies.

I have been developing quite a few ways of joy and fun.

First about my wood-work, making special edition design on chair legs, table legs, stools and anything really which is made of wood. A bite here, a gnaw there and voila, a Buddy master-piece.

Then there is gardening, giving the garden a nice make-over. – A bit of branch off here, a hole dug there, a few plants toppled over there to open up the space, finished off with a cock of the leg for watering and you have a doggie- show garden.

I have quite taken to swimming too, swimming with the frogs and tadpoles. It’s a bit muddy and smelly, but good exercise.

One of my favourite hobbies is eating. Eating, everything and anything. Although, I prefer bones, I will have a try of anything, pens, glasses, remote-controls, Dad’s hearing aid, trugs, watering cans, most things are worth a try. I especially love card-board, shoes, slippers, bags - its’ a very yummy hobby.

And walking of course– taking Dad for a lovely pull along the bridle path, down by the river (I haven’t got him in yet). Smashing fresh air, lots of smells and good for his muscles.

So, I wonder if you would like me to come and take you for a walk, or swimming perhaps? Or eat up some of your left-overs, or things left around, or do some gardening, or wood-work for you?

Or perhaps there is someone else that you could invite round for a bite to eat or a cuppa of tea, someone who may be on their own? Perhaps you could arrange to go out for a little stroll, or offer to cut their grass, or do a bit of weeding? Hobbies can be shared and enjoyed together. Let’s see if we can use our hobbies to spread a little bit of love and kindness. “Love your neighbour as yourself” is the way that Jesus put it. Amen to that I woof,

Yours, Buddy the vicarage dog.