Mildenhall Anglican Church

Barney’s blog

Hiya everyone. Thank you for all your concern after last month’s episode when the heat got to me. I am glad to report that I am feeling much better and more refreshed. We have had a few days away and even a little paddle in the sea. It’s also given me several opportunities to get up to my old tricks, just to prove that I am back to my old self!

Two balls grabbed- they will just leave them lying around- one tennis ball and a beach ball. One football and one nice banana sandwich nearly swiped. And I managed to do a runner- Dad thought the front door was closed, but it wasn’t- I flipped it open, then straight off down the drive opposite in search of cats….. I also got Suki dog to come out with me, so I am leading her astray as well. Not that she needs much encouragement when it comes to trampolining! On holiday there was springy bouncy bed and she perfected the bounce on, bounce once, full twizzle, bounce down and bounce off beautifully. Very impressive! I am more of a lie on the bed, spread a bit and a bit more and see if you can push the human out kind of dog myself.

I have been a little bit naughty in other ways too. You see when I wasn’t well with the heat, I found it was so nice getting so much attention, people feeling sorry for you, so much so that I have started to pretend I’m not well. I flop around and look sorry for myself and Bingo lots of fuss and special treatment. -But I give it away when I see a cat, or a squirrel because then I jump up and run around, tail high.

Mum says I need to be careful because they won’t know when I really am ill, so I shouldn’t pretend in case next time it’s for real. Anyway she says that I don’t need to be ill to seek special attention. Instead I should just remember how much God loves me- a love that is so wide, so long, so high, so deep, so big that it is enough for anyone. -Even a big dog like me.

Well that’s all for today, woof and love to you all from Barney the vicarage dog. And don’t forget, God loves you.