Mildenhall Anglican Church

Woof, woof Happy Christmas to you all. I know it’s not yet, but everyone seems to be getting very excited and lots of preparations being made. 40 trees are soon to be appearing in the church I hear. –And I have been told I’m not to go anywhere near them!

I am still working on what I am allowed to do and not do. And so is Suki- especially in the new slipper department. It’s hard for her to understand the difference between a new slipper and a dog toy. They both look good to chew on! She also can’t understand who she needs to bark at- how does she know that the post lady isn’t a burglar?

And take snacks- I am allowed to have ham if it is put on the floor, but not if I swipe it off Dad’s plate! It’s Ok for birds to have meat fat trimmings, but I’m not allowed to jump up and knock the bird table and make a feast of the falling bits. Nor, am I allowed fat balls, for some reason.

I got it quite wrong when we were away at half-term. First there was that nice hoppy frog which I decided was fun to pick up and play with. Then when Dad left the gate just slightly off the latch, I thought it would be a good opportunity to inspect the neighbourhood for cats. A nice new area - good hunting ground for tracking down new cats. So, I lolloped off up the road in search of furry felines. I got a whiff and followed my nose, along the street, turn left and down a path. I could hear Dad calling, but this was far more important. …..Further down the path and a bit further, and a bit further still and then a dead end. Now I was stuck, fancy a path leading to nowhere.

How glad I was when Dad came panting along and helped me find the way home again. Good old dad!

Mum says there are stories in the Bible about being saved- about a sheep that got lost. Then the shepherd went all out to find this sheep. And she says that is also why we celebrate Christmas- Jesus the Good Shepherd coming to earth to save mankind from the dead end that they had got into. To rescue us from the things we get wrong that mean we are cut off from God. Because Jesus went on to give His life on the cross, we can be forgiven and reunited with God. He must love us very much.

So, let’s let God find us- and forgive us. And let’s let our Christmas be full of thanks- and lots of bones, I hope!!

Barney – the vicarage dog.