Mildenhall Anglican Church

“Suki’s space”. Hi Everyone, it is lovely to be home again. Thank you to everyone who has been concerned about my sickness and stay at the animal hospital. I have been proper poorly, but the vets and everybody have been really nice and hopefully now I am on the road to full recovery.

In the meantime “Buddy Bear” has been making himself at home- branding everything within reach with his teeth-marks, re-arranging anything that can be moved and giving the garden a full makeover. We are very good friends now. He has reminded me about all the fun things I used to do – like empty the bins all over the floor, pinch food off any unguarded plates, chew as many things as we can (especially Mum’s shoes and slippers) and be mischievous at every opportunity. I have taught Buddy about ransacking Dad’s rucksack to get to our treats. Nothing is safe with us about. Buddy has a better reach and my teeth can manage zips, we are quite the double act.

I am glad Buddy and I managed to get over our differences and make friends with each other- home is a better place when we can get on. (Although that doesn’t stop us always wanting the same bone, or toy, or place to lie, so there are still some tussles.) But I am pleased Buddy has a home now. Being away at the hospital has made me realize even more how good being at home can be.

Mum was telling us about Christmas when Jesus made His home on earth. His real home was in heaven, but He came into the world to live here so that people could learn about God’s love by seeing Him and listening to Him. Evidently though, it didn’t start off too well, as there was nowhere for His Mum to give birth except in a stable and lay him in a manger. Well that seems a funny beginning for a human, especially one who is as important as the Son of God.
Mum says now Jesus has gone back to heaven, but He still wants to find a home in our hearts and in our lives.