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Woof, woof, hi everyone.

At last some rain. Bet the farmers are glad. And I’m happy again- yesterday Sukie and I made 6 towels nice and muddy. Oh mud glorious mud, lovely sticky stuff, all under my tummy, splashed up my legs and caking my paws. Just the job for making sure that I get the attention I deserve with a good rub down. It does well to keep the humans busy.

So, I hear you will all be busy soon, voting at election time. I have been putting some thought to having my own political party. I could call it the UKK9 party, or Dogs Aloud, or perhaps Dogs R US.

I’ve got some ideas for a manifesto, covering health, environment, economics and education: free bones on the NHS, a roll out programme to erect more lamp-posts all over the country. All cats over the age of 5 to deported, (under 5’s can stay for us dogs to chase). Dog parks where we get to run free and humans have to be on leads. Poo bag dispensers and bins on every street corner. Grants for all homes that take in a rescue dog. Vets bills to be tax deductible. A yearly allowance for balls and dog treats. The introduction of “Ofwoof” – a national regulatory body to keep watch on standards in homes which house dogs and ensure all humans are dog-trained. That should all help this country to be as it should be.

The only thing is, I’m not sure I would want to be prime minister and have to live in London. I would miss the fields and countryside. Besides, it’s a bit of a big responsibility and sometimes you are not very popular. You see, I would want everyone to like me and always give me a pat. It seems people often think that politicians can’t be trusted to keep their promises and that is rather sad. So, it’s just as well, that there is someone who will keep all His promises.

My Mum says that the Bible tells us that God is faithful to all His promises and loving towards all that He has made. That we can be sure of, whatever happens. Whichever party becomes elected, whoever becomes prime minister, let’s pray that they will let God give them wisdom and help them. And let’s make sure that we keep our promises to God and to others too.

Woof, woof, from Barney