Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog , Woof, woof to you all from Buddy.

 I am enjoying the Autumn- I am discovering lots and lots of squirrels to chase on my walks- that is until they disappear up a tree where I can’t follow….

I am discovering other things too- like the way it’s not a good idea to eat up Dad’s dinner behind his back- it turns out he doesn’t like to share.  Also, he is not very keen on me taking his slippers and shoes out into the garden. It’s much worse if I give them a chew, even if it’s only the inner sole. 

I have also discovered that Mum doesn’t appreciate my help while she is gardening- moving her gloves when she takes them off, re-locating her secateurs, rummaging in the bag of pruning and spreading across the lawn, digging extra holes, watering her flowers, puncturing the watering can……

Oh dear I am finding it hard to learn. It’s just that I have had 3 homes in the last 14months, three sets of humans and two different dogs to get used to. I haven’t had a steady beginning, so I am still learning about what is appropriate. Some things make me excited and some things make me scared and some things like other dogs and some people make me both excited and scared at the same time.  I am trying. If possible please can you be patient and approach me gently and quietly. And I will try not to jump up.

I am getting on very well with my sit, down and wait, especially if a treat is involved. I am now on a “Buddy Transformation Plan” and going for “one-to –one” special training to help me to be calm and confident.  Mum says we could all do with being on a transformation plan- letting the Holy Spirit change us where we need it, so that we become more like the Jesus. All of us can be calm and confident, at all times, knowing that Jesus is with us, will help us, guide us and never let us down.

I am trying hard not to let my Dad down and remember my training always, so that I can be the best dog that I can be. So, here’s to transformation- hope yours goes well too….

From the vicarage, Buddy.

I wonder if transformation will mean that I will be able to climb trees??.