Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog

 Woof,woof from Buddy – one of the vicarage dogs.

I have been very busy since I last blogged. I have learnt the word Zoom.

This gives me the excuse to run around wildly every time I hear the word Zoom…………….. I saw some dogs joining up with other dogs to talk with other on Zoom. Our internet connection doesn’t let me do this- so I am busy talking to the other dogs from the garden instead.

I have been helping out in lockdown- making sure my Mum gets up by running off with her slippers. Then, I have been assisting in the garden by making extra holes in the watering can for quicker watering. I have been zooming about so much that the grass doesn’t need cutting.

All this zooming around makes me very hot in this nice weather, so then I flop into my paddling pool. The only thing is the sides have gone all floppy, something about being punctured. I really don’t know how that could have happened. Nearly all the air has gone and the pool is looking very flat and dreary.

Sometimes we may feel like that – a bit deflated and let down. That’s when we need to be filled with air again, recharged and revitalized. That’s what my Mum says the Holy Spirit can do- fill us with a new breath of air and strength. Whatever you are doing today, perhaps zooming or quietly sitting, let’s enjoy the newness of each day knowing that God is with us by his Holy Spirit