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Barney’s blog.
Woof, woof- today I have a question for you. What can jump 150 times its own body length, multiply 20,000 times in 60 days and go one or two weeks without feeding?
Yes, you’ve got it fleas!! Well, actually I got them, so did Sukie, so did Mum and so did Dad, the carpets, our covers and everything…. Jumping everywhere yuk!

It all started after my last blog- thank you to all my fans and those who sent me hugs and kisses. I thought I was the bees- knees, that I was super dog, the best. So, I started boasting that my blog is more interesting than my Mum’s sermons. She warned me about pride coming before a fall. Something from the Bible she said. (Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18(NIV)).

So, there I was super dog, tail held high, when I started itching and itching some more. And scratching wouldn’t fix it. Mum spotted them first- blamed us dogs, but I blame the cats, just the kind of thing they would do – bringing fleas into our garden. Typical.

Well, you would think super dog could have caught them, sorted them out, but they were everywhere and just as you got near one, away it sprung, then again and again. I was being out –smarted by a little thing that I could hardly see.
Their dodgy ploy was to burrow deep into my fur. Even if you caught one, it was very hard to kill and would just wriggle away. -Thwarted by a flea!

The thing is we weren’t meant to have them at all. We have zappers on our collars which should sort them out straight away. Obviously these were tricky fleas. So, drops were bought– lots of drops for a big lad like me- and duly put on the back of the neck of us dogs. Ha-ha I thought that will get you little vermin. But no still they thrived. It turns out now-a-days you need some special tablets- six in my case. And that was no fun I can tell you, no jam sandwiches this time.

In the mean time we had to have a bath, (yes I know so soon since the last one), and lots of grooming. Everything possible was washed, steamed or hoovered. What a to-do, and all because of cunning little black things. So, I didn’t feel so clever after all. I can’t go one or two weeks without eating, or jump 150 times my length. That is pretty ingenious. My pride had come undone.

I think all is Ok now- no sightings of late. But then it can take 3 weeks from egg to adult, or sometimes the pupae can stay in their cocoons for up to a year before coming out. So, watch this space…
It’s a good job the humans were on holiday so that they had more time to deal with everything – they got really good at squashing the little rascals. Not the best of holiday memories, but I will remember in future not to be boastfully proud.
Just grateful each day for the things I can do and enjoy. And as soon as I start to feel big-headed again- I will try and recall the tiny, amazing somersaulting flea.

Woof, woof, your humble servant, Barney the vicarage dog.

"A Sad P.S. to Barney's blog
": From Barney's Mum and Dad- we are sorry to say this will be Barney's last blog as he died peacefully in his sleep on August 22nd. He has been a very very super dog and leaves behind many, many super memories.