Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog , Woof, woof to you all

Woof, woof, oh dear – perhaps you can help me.  I am looking for an extra

nice present for my human Dad. I made a mistake and need to make it up

to him.

It all started one morning when I spotted his hearing aids on the top of his

bedside table. They are usually in a box. This time they were out in the

open, although put right at the back behind lots of other things like books

and clock etc. I thought it would be a really helpful thing to take them into

Dad in the bathroom, so that he could put them in his ears. So, I reached

behind everything and picked them up.  They did get a little bit nibbled an

d wet on the way. And when Dad got them he was quite upset, as they

didn’t work. Now I need a really good present to say sorry.

I seem to get in a pickle all the time. Take this morning, there I am saying

good morning to Mum (who was still in bed) and didn’t realize that my

wagging tail had swished her alarm clock off the table (again!)   My tail

gets me into all sorts of trouble. It’s seems to have a life of its own,

accidently whacking Suki dog in the face, knocking over pot plants

and hitting the furniture like a drum. “Oh no Buddy!” is what I hear all the


All through the day, I have been in trouble for playing- first a ball of wool,

then a shoe, then an inner sole, a pair of scissors, a plastic bag, a scarf

and a rucksack. It all seemed good fun to me, but each time I get, “Buddy,

drop”. I’m in the dog house again. So, any ideas for a present for my Dad,

especially as now he can’t hear?  

Mum is looking for a present for him too. I wondered what she had done

wrong, but she said it was for Christmas, a present to celebrate the birth of

Jesus.” Presents just for my Dad”,  I woofed?” No”, said Mum, “Presents

for everyone we love as a way of saying “Thank you” for all gifts of love

, light, hope and forgiveness which Jesus brought into the world”.  And you

can’t get bigger better presents than these.  

So, maybe I don’t need to find a present for Dad after all. Instead I think I

am going to give Dad a big slobbery Buddy kiss every time I mess up - so

that he knows that I am sorry and woof in his ear so that he can hear how

much I love him.  And for Christmas I will double the slobber and the woof,

just to make sure he gets the message!

Happy Christmas and lots of woofsss,  Buddy one of the vicarage dogs.