Mildenhall Anglican Church

Barney’s blog. Hi woof, woof everyone and Happy Easter. I’m glad that Lent is over, I never did get the

hang of giving up my treats, stopping chasing little furry animals, or pinching my Dad’s sandwiches. Now

Lent is over I won’t have to feel so guilty for doing what seems natural. Although Mum still hopes that I will be

better for having tried to give them up. “Good discipline”


Now it is Easter egg time. Lots of that lovely chocolate which makes my nose quiver. Mum has been

collecting little eggs for weeks all ready for an Easter egg hunt. But would you believe it - I am told the

y are not for me. “Bad for my health, make me ill”. “Not for dogs”. And even when I give the big-brown-eyed I

haven’t-been-fed-for- a- week look, I am told it does not matter if I think they are good for me, they definitely

are not.

Mum says we often think things are good when really they are not good for us. -and not just food. These

things mess up our lives and spoil what is really good. They also get in the way between us and God. She

says that’s why Jesus came to die on the cross. So, that we can be free and forgiven for letting the bad

things have a place in our lives. Then He helps us stay free


And even better Jesus didn’t just die, He came to life again. So, we can always talk to Him, about the bad

stuff and the sad stuff. He even helps us understand the hard stuff.

I wonder if He can help me understand my ears and my tail! They seem to have a mind of their own. Both

ears down, one ear up, both ears up, the other ear up and the other one down, all without me thinking      

about them. Then one minute my tail is down, then up, then wags, then is halfway up and half-way down,

then up again- especially when I see a cat, or a squirrel, or a rabbit!

I love rabbits- love-ly to chase. I have heard talk of a big special Easter rabbit.. Chasing that would make for

a very egg-citing Easter.

Hurray for Easter, hope you have a happy time celebrating. It’s egg-tremely good that Jesus is alive.

Barney – the vicarage dog.