Mildenhall Anglican Church

Hi everyone. In my last blog I moaned because us dogs cannot have chocolate Easter Eggs. SO thank you

to the kind person who gave us Easter bones. Very yummmmmy.

Now it is coming up for Ascension Day and Pentecost. ( I have been paying attention at housegroup to earn

extra Brownie, or should I say, biscuit points.)

There doesn’t seem to be any food involved in these celebrations which is very strange. However, I hear that

the Lord’s prayer is involved, so I thought I would write my own version (with a few notes):

Dear Loving Master in the sky, may your good reputation be respected.

I am very glad to be in your pack and want to be loyal to you.

May your word and ways be obeyed here as they are in the sky.

You are the best master we could have, we need to listen and act as you tell us.

Please give us the things we need for our welfare; water, meat and bones, shelter and care.

(And a ball or two as well). And help me to share with Suki.

Please give me a new start when I mess up and let you down.

Sorry for thinking that I should be top dog and know best.

And help me to not to hold anything against others.

(such as Suki when she pinches my food and bones and winds me up.)

Please protect me from doing wrong (especially pinching my Dad’s sandwiches)

and getting into danger (like running out of the front door into the road to hunt down cats.)

Because you are awesome and amazing giving us everything in a wonderful world, I love you forever. Amen.

Barney – the vicarage dog.