Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog

Hi and woof, woof to everyone.

Hope you have been enjoying your summer. We had a nice break by the sea-side- but I didn’t get

to go for that swim.

No dogs allowed on the beach we went to until September 30th! But I have been trying to learn

lots of other new things.

I can now open the back door both ways! Getting out has been no problem, just pull down on the

handle and lean and the door would open outwards. Getting in was harder. Now I have got the

hang of pressing down and scooping the handle forwards and “open sesame”. I can go

everywhere! Unless the door is locked- haven’t quite got the hang of the key –( thank goodness says Mum.)

I have been learning about pick-pocketing and have become very proficient. -A quick nose dive

into the nearest pocket and you can find all sorts of things. It’s the element of surprise that

seems to work most. I do get found out, but by the time I have put my wet slobber onto the

contents of the pocket, I usually get to keep whatever it is! Yum, yum.

I have also been learning which things are most valuable to Mum and Dad. When the phone rings

and they are so busy talking - I grab something to re-focus their attention on me. All my toys and

bones have no effect. So, I try slippers or shoes- that usually works very well. Mum’s papers or

books works even better. As does, hanging and pulling on her cardigan, jacket, blouse, or any of

her clothes. Great entertainment!

I have been having a bit of a go on the computer keyboard too, need to find a paw friendly

version! I did have a try on Dad’s guitar – my tail works well for the strumming, I still have to

work on the chords! Life is fun.

So, I wonder are you learning anything at present, trying something new, looking at more

adventures? Each day is a day to explore and discover. Mum says whatever our age there is

always something new to learn about God’s love for us and His faithfulness towards us. Happy

Days, let’s find something new every day to make us smile- or woof….

Yours, Buddy – from the vicarage.