Mildenhall Anglican Church

Suki’s space

Woof, woof everyone. Hope you have got your electoral roll form in. As local parishioners Buddy and I are getting our paws ready to sign our application forms. We are also seeing how we can be more involved in church life by using our special gifts. –Already we are busy and active members of the church family, using our skills in security to do church patrol, helping to open up and close the church, (even helping the cleaning team by a spot of crumb hoovering) and guarding the vicarage. Soon we will be needing to send our contribution for the Yearbook to Jane.

This month I need to report a bit (well actually a lot) of bad behaviour going on in the vicarage! And not just Buddy’s mischief this time. I must confess to being a naughty girl. It’s all been about food. First there were the sausages which the very nice lunchclub ladies had given Dave for his dinner. They were in the fridge beautifully cooked and ready. Five lovely fat round sausages. Well one day Buddy decided to make a run for it out of the front door when Mum came home. He had a lovely time dashing up and down the road, chasing the post lady, running up to the gas-pipe repair men, exploring everyone’s garden. Mum decided that the best way to lure him home would be with a sausage. So, she grabbed one- not thinking about the others in the bowl which she left out on the worktop. Yum, yummy! They went down very nicely and Dad lost his dinner.

Then there was the bag of treats in Dad’s rucksack. I managed to get the zip open and also to totally disable the zip altogether to make ease of access for next time. I have pinched pieces of bread, (and nearly got a slice of tongue too). When dad left the big sack of dried dog food in the kitchen while he went out, I chewed into the sack and helped myself. Then while no is looking there have been the marshmallows from the Christingles, the bird’s fat pieces….. Lots of lovely snacks….

I put it down to Buddy’ s influence and the tablets I am on for my muscle inflammation which make me very, very hungry. But Mum says I shouldn’t make any excuses about pinching things that are not mine. She says now it’s Lent it would be good time to work on some discipline. So, I agreed to try. – and will let you know how it goes.

Will you be taking on anything extra this Lent time, or working on some discipline? Hope it goes well.

All the best from Suki, the vicarage dog.