Mildenhall Anglican Church

Dog Blog

Woof, woof and hope you are all well and safe.

Everywhere I go I keep hearing people talking about a “new normal”.

Well, I don’t know what “normal” means. To me life is still just one big adventure! Every day a day to explore, a day to bounce,a day to smell, a day to eat and play.

But I have been trying to learn new things during lockdown.

I have learnt to spell- especially what B.O.N.E. means!!

I have tried to learn to be calmer, but that often means

my energy gets bottled up and it just has to come out sometime!!

I have been trying to learn to help more– I love unloading the shopping from the

 bags, you never know what you may find….. Every morning Dad and I wake Mum up

 with a cup of coffee, something she loves and says hasn’t happened for years. Then

 I lie on the bed to make sure she doesn’t drop off again…. If she is too slow in

 getting up, I run off with her slippers. She says she would like coffee in bed to be the

 “new normal”.

Yet, Mum agrees with me that life should be an adventure. Nothing with God should ever be “normal”. Our lives with Him should be an adventure of discovery, as He is a God who is always doing new things. Every day we can be ready to see the ways in which God works and leads, and answers prayer.

So, let’s be on our adventure with God, and letting Him make each day special.  

Yours truly,

Buddy, one of the vicarage dogs.