Mildenhall Anglican Church


Dog blog

Hi and a big bouncy woof, WOOF- this is my first blog. I’m Buddy- the other vicarage dog- the handsome boisterous overgrown puppy.

Suki says that it’s my turn to report on happenings at the vicarage, considering all the trouble I have been causing.

Actually, I have been trying really, really hard to be well- behaved, but I’m just not getting it right. It’s difficult for me to understand. - What am I allowed to do and what am I not allowed to do?

I mean, look at it from my point of view. It’s OK to gnaw some things, but not others. It’s Ok to eat some things, but not everything. Some things are OK to play with, but other things are off limits. And I only find out when Mum squawks “Oh no…………Buddy….”, or Dad shouts, “Stop, stop it…….Buddy” etc.

I can bounce outside, but not inside. I can bounce on the grass but not on the flowers. I am meant to keep clean, but not allowed in the pond. I can chase a ball, but not a bird, or a frog, or a squirrel. I can eat out of my bowl or the floor, but not anything off a plate, the table, or work-top, or from bags (especially the cooler bag- those packets of pork waiting to go into the freezer for Dad’s dinners went down a real treat! Suki got the zip open and we both dived in! Humans food is yummy.)

So, why I am allowed to chew hide bones, but not shoes? What’s wrong with re-arranging Mum’s paperwork and tearing up a few pages? Doesn’t the furniture look better with a Buddy make-over? Why can’t I empty the bins when what is in it has been thrown away- I’m just doing a bit of re-cycling,( although sometimes the basket itself is just too irresistible)……..

Of everything, I think “Wait” is the hardest word to understand. Why do I have to play the “sit, down, wait…” game, when I am going to be given the treat anyway? Why do I have to wait to be taken out for a walk when I could walk myself quite happily? Why do I have to wait to have my food put into my bowl when I could help myself out of the dog-biscuit container? Why wait?

Mum says we have to wait for the right time. And when we wait we can learn to trust. Evidently Jesus told His disciples to wait for a special helper to come and assist them because Jesus had to leave them and go back to heaven. The helper would teach and guide them. They had to wait for the right time and trust that Jesus knew what was best and good. I guess I am still learning – I need a special helper to teach me what is safe and right and how to wait and trust!! I hope you are doing Ok in the wait and trust areas of your life.

I will let you know how I get on next month, yours, Buddy.