Mildenhall Anglican Church

It’s school holiday time. Like most children, I used to love school holidays. Six weeks to be outside. Swimming in the sea, two or three times a day. Picnics, playing with friends, nature walks, cycle rides, long warm evenings. Days out- a trip to Clacton, Great Yarmouth, Aldeburgh and if we could, to what seemed the best of all, the rock pools of Cromer. Freshly picked pods of peas, juicy greengages, ice-cream treats, picking blackberries, so many lovely things.

It’s all a long while ago now, but the memories are vivid and close. I think summer holidays helped to make us and form us- as a family and as friends. The memories laid down then are like a reservoir to dip into, a reminder of times of happiness and a well of times of discovery and freedom. You will have your own memories.

Now, it’s as if, year on year the summers merge together. I’m no longer sure which year it was we visited where, or what happened. - At least not without thinking about it very hard. The days and the weeks and even the months seem to go by so quickly. This has made me think about the significance of each day, to recognise and appreciate each one. To be thankful at the beginning of every day and at the end of the day to look back grateful .

Lamentations Chapter three celebrates the mercies, the great love, the kindnesses of the Lord that are, “new every morning”; great is His faithfulness. And as the hymn “Great is thy Faithfulness” voices in praise to God, all I have needed thy hand has provided: pardon for sin, and a peace that endureth, thine own presence to cheer and to guide; strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessing all mine with ten thousand besides. May you know His presence and peace every day this summer- time.

Open Tower Week end

Sunday August 30th 2.00pm-6.00pm

Monday August 31st Noon-6.00pm

Adults £3.50 and 10-16 years old, £1.

Our insurers only allow children over 10 years to go up the tower.

All aged 10-16 must be accompanied by someone over 18 years.

For safety, non-slip footwear must be worn.

Last trip 30mins before closing.

Trips are subject to weather permitting.

Refreshments available.

Also, an opportunity to explore this historic place of worship, to see the angels and be amazed.

Discovery trails for all-ages.

All proceeds will be for St.Mary’s Church Building Fund and used for the upkeep of the church and repairs.

Sunday August 16th 

At the 11am service Rachel Ullmer will be coming to tell us and update us about her years in Pakistan.

Afterward the 11am service there will be a shared lunch at church, (outside on the grass weather permitting). Please sing up if you are able to come- and if you are able to bring food please note down what you would like to bring. Let’s see if we can have a variety of easy to serve and eat food, main or dessert course, please.

Plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, drinks and games for children will be provided. Please bring your food on the day a dish, plate, container, preferably cut up already, and even better with a utensil suitable for serving it.

Please come, let’s share together in eating and chatting


Wildlife Notes

We need to care for our wild life. And go out of our way to feed them, house them and provide them with safe havens to breed.In this age where every green space seems under threat from roads industrial estates  and crammed housing our gardens provide a safe haven for all kinds of wild creatures  We could may be do even better. At this time of year, now the treat of frost has largely passed, we will be more active in the garden.  But take a few minutes to think whether you really need to have a perfect green sward as lawn; spare the odd daisy or buttercup and the bees and hoverflies will reward you with pollinating your fruit and veg. Take care when pruning back ivy since there may well be birds nesting in the thick cover as well as collections of ladybirds, spiders and lacewings all of which help control those pesky aphids and blue bottles. Don’t be too hasty to tidy up piles of leaves or accumulations of organic debris for therein could well lurk frogs, toads and even hedgehogs, the nemeses of every slug and snail. If you create space and mini habitats for these natural predators you can then dispense with the need to employ chemicals around your garden which will not only benefit your pocket but will create a healthier environment for all. You could actively create a more wildlife friendly zone in your own back yard. Perhaps dig a small pond, plant a few native shrubs or crate a small wildflower patch. We can really make a difference because in the words of one of our larger local businesses ‘every little helps’


Advance Notice

An evening with Graham Kendrick

Venue: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds.

Date & Time: Thursday 12 November at 730 pm.

Tickets: £15 and £12

This event is promoted by Southgate Church to raise funds for the local Christian charity, Chaplain in the Workplace


"Nearly New" clothes for sale, plus bring and buy

all in aid of St.Mary's church fund

Please come and see the rail of clothes in the Cottage rooms

(open on Fridays 11am-3pm). 

Do you have any good quality clothes no longer need? If so please see Sue Syvret.

Plus do you have any other items that you could bring along to the

'Bring and Buy' at the Cottage Rooms every month during the Coffee Morning.


We now have a new copier, this will be used for church communications.

Also if you have any personal coping please come and see Jane on Fridays.

A4 single side black and white copies will be 5p and colour 25p. If you provide photo paper we can also copy your photographs