Mildenhall Anglican Church

Forest Heath Community Radio station 105.3 fm ("Zack fm")

Please encourage friends and neighbours, especially those unable to get to church, to tune in at 9am on Sundays, for the previous week’s service at St Mary's Mildenhall. There is also a Christian programme of contemporary songs between 6am & 8am. 

May our faith be deepened and renewed this Lent and Easter time, as we ponder and celebrate the new life  which Jesus offers.

An Easter Promise

If we had the eyes to see

God’s face in every cloud,

If we had the ears to hear

His voice above the crowds

If we could feel his gentle touch

In every Springtime breeze

And find a haven in His arms

‘Neath sheltering, leafy trees

If we could lift our hearts

Like flowers to the sun

And trust His Easter Promise

And pray,’Thy Will be done’

We’d find the peace we’re seeking,

The kind no man can give,

The peace that comes from knowing

He died so we might live.

By Helen Steiner Rice

© Fleming H. Revell Company 1985


Lent Lunches:- 12-2pm

Tuesday 1st April

St. Peter’s West Row

Tuesday 8th April

Cottage Rooms Mildenhall

Tuesday 15th April

Methodist church

(Please see notice board or speak to Jean about how to help on 8th April )

Also please look in the shop for bookmarks, prayers, and a variety of booklets for Easter and Lent


From Christine Slack Food Bank Manager

Please may I thank you very much for your support of the King’s Project  recently. May I take this opportunity not only to convey thanks from myself and the Kiing’s Project Team, but also from those who benefit from the emergency food bags living in the town and surrounding area. With donations from yourselves and others we are able to help hundreds of people each year.


From Mary Rolfe on behalf of the Mildenhall AreaWWDP Com.

May I,  express a sincere 'Thank You' to all those from the St Mary's, Mildenhall who took part in or attended the Women's World Day of Prayer.

We were privileged to have two well-attended services with a total of 86 people attending (including some men). None of this would be possiblewithout the generous interest and support of all the local churches.  God Bless.


Spring clean day

Saturday 12th April from 9am

Lots of jobs, large and small inside and outside the church and Cottage Rooms

Please come and help.


Easter Flowers

If anyone would like to give a donation towards flowers for Easter, it would be much appreciated, it’s the only time each year I ask. Ann Leeks


Interactive Stations of the cross will be in the church soon,. Please come and explore.



Fun Food and Faith

on Sunday 20th April, 4-5.30pm

For everyone of all ages; activities crafts, games a short informal service and Tea.

All are welcome


St. Mary’s Academy principle

After 17years of long and faithful service Wendy Garrard has given notice of her resignation at the end of the year. Please pray for finding the right person to be principle - 



The Annual meeting will be on Sunday 27th April

For the election of 2 Church Wardens,   2 Deputy Wardens, 2 Deanery Synod Reps,for a term of 3yrs

(The Deanery synod is a meeting of representatives from churches in the area, it considers issues common to churches news from the Diocese and wider church) and 3 PPC members for a term of 3yrs. (The Pcc meets every 6-8 weeks presently on a Monday 7-9pm The PCC considers matters concerning the church building, finance, mission, worship etc.)

Please fill in the Nomination forms for the above posts


Need for sides persons to join the welcoming team.

If you are interested in welcoming people and setting up for the service and to tidy up afterwards, please speak to Sue, Jean or Sandy. The commitment would usually be once a month, starting an hour before the service.