Mildenhall Anglican Church

St Marys Church Band of Hope

Final arrangements have now been made for the planting of the bulbs for the Band of Hope around St Mary’s Church, Mildenhall and everyone is invited to come and take part. Thanks to all individuals and organisations who have donated funds. Further donations are still welcome if you would like to contribute. The bulbs have now been ordered and I am expecting delivery during October. The actual area to be planted will be decided later this month. Planting day is Saturday November 10th and will be in three parts.
Lifting the turf
This will be the hard part as it will be necessary to lift a slice of turf to enable the bulbs to be placed. Strong people who can bring a sharp spade should assemble at the church at 9 am to begin lifting the turf from the previously marked areas. If anyone has a good edging iron that would also be useful.

Placing the bulbs
Every square meter will need 75 crocus and 75 daffodil bulbs to be placed evenly and randomly and everyone both children and adults are welcome to help, starting at 10 am.

Covering the bulbs
The turf which has previously been lifted will need to be placed carefully on top of the bulbs and everyone will be able to take part in this activity.
Any questions to Brian Sulman 01638 712 813 or

Samaritans Purse Shoebox appeal

Please have your shoeboxes filled and ready for the service at St. Andrew's Freckenham Sunday 4th November at 3pm

For more information and ideas of what to put in your box , please see leaflets at back of church.

If you would like to bring your boxes to church in advance, David and Marion Venables will take them to Freckenham for you.

Fun Food Faith
Getting ready for Advent
Sunday 25th November
                                            with games, activities, crafts, short service and tea                                                                                                                           something for all ages                                                                        Everyone welcome
(If you can please bring easy to eat food to share)

Christmas Tree Festival 2018

Friday 30th November & Saturday 1st December
9am – 4pm decorating the trees

Sunday 2nd December
4pm Light up service

Monday 3rd December – January 2nd

The church will be open from 9am – trees lit from 3-4pm
mornings will be reserved for schools.

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th January
un-decorating & Dismantling trees.

For those who have agreed to decorate a window sill, the theme this year is a Christmas Carol.

Christmas quiz Friday Dec.14th 6.45 to 7pm more information to follow

St. Nicholas Hospice Care - Bereavement Cafe A weekly drop in group in Mildenhall launching 12th October Fridays 10am - midday at The Bell Hotel, 25 High Street, Mildenhall

Losing a loved one can turn your world upside down and make you feel lost. Talking about it can help.

The bereavement cafe is a space to talk about the pain of loss but also find courage and strength in knowing you are not alone. Its ok to cry, laugh, to be angry or frightened.

If you have any questions please call Bianca on 01284 715572 or email

Reach out to touch the World this Christmastime  

No wrapping paper required, ribbon or tags, just knowing that by offering hospitality to a

 “StrangerSoon to Become Friend”, the experience will stay with you and your guest long after

 recycling the wrapping paper, storing decorations and finishing off the cold turkey!  

Here at HOST UK we offer you the opportunity to engage in an extra special Christmas-time by

 opening your home to an international student for whom the alternative would be, not only being far

 from home and loved ones but marking time in lonely halls of residence.

HOST UK arranges visits for International students all year round but as can well be imagined, festive

 season hospitality is greatly sought after and valued. Our “festive season” will include the period in

 the Christmas run up, as well as New Year. Your guest will be someone keen to experience British life

with all its special traditions and culture…and keen to share those of their home country. Your

 hospitality will be a unique gift, invariably remembered and treasured. Your gift to each other and to

 the world will be that of growing friendship, peace and understanding.

Please consider this opportunity and remember that if the festive season is difficult for you, we do

 operate all year round and hosting can become one of your New Year Resolutions! If you should like to

 know more, please go to our website or leave us a message


The Parish giving scheme - to help churches with giving
The advantages include – gift are made by direct debit .(saving counting and banking ) An option of increasing your gift on line with inflation keeping your giving up to date. Gift Aid is added monthly (saving drawing up and making a claim annually) Option to be anonymous. Tokens available if you would like to put something on the collection plate. More info and packs about this scheme are now available. Please see Jean. Also make sure you pick up the leaflet about good stewardship and pray about ideas on how you can help

Blue bin recycling

Please make sure we only use the blue bin for clean, dry paper, card, cardboard, aluminimum cans and plastics which can be recycled.(mostly bottles and biscuit tin liners) Little bits of plastic bags and cellophane etc. cannot go in the blue bin. In church we collect items for the blue bin in the small grey bins – please make sure you have emptied your cup before putting it in the bin.

Thank you

First Aid box alert

While we hope First Aid will not be needed- if you are not already aware- the First aid box is on the bottom shelf of the hymn book trolley nearest to the main door.

Or at least it should be there somewhere- sometimes it gets pushed to the back, hidden behind a box or buried under papers. Please can we make sure that it is always quickly and easily accessible by keeping it at the front of the shelf and free of any obstructing items. Thank you.



News for your interest and for your help in putting into action:

1. The grass in the area under the trees opposite the north door is beginning to grow, so the red fencing will be taken away. However, we still need to let this grass become established. So, please avoid parking here. There are now signs on the spaces next to the Cottage rooms as a reminder that these are for people coming to the church who have limited mobility.

2. The fire policy requires a 2nd exit to be open - this will usually be the south door. We will need to do a fire drill in a service soon- as soon as we have the welcome team primed about their roles.

3. Please continue to help to keep distractions to a minimum, by waiting to move from, or to your seat during a pause in the service or a hymn. This is especially so during for example the important time of banns being read, the quiet of prayers, of notices being given, or other times of focusing and listening. Thank you.

4. At a Holy Communion service, for health reasons, as an alternative to taking wine from the chalice, we have some small cups to save you trying to dip your bread in the chalice and the problems that come from this. So, please allow the Holy Communion assistant to give you a small cup and then give it back to them after you have drunk the wine. Thank you.  

5. The church may stay open until 8pm on light evenings to allow more people to visit.

6. If you would like to make your gifts to the church by a standing order directly into the church account this would be very welcome. If you are giving in this way, please do not feel that you need to put something on the plate when it passes. Or, if you feel strongly that you would like to have something to put on the plate, we could make a card for you to put on, as a symbol of your gift.

7. If you would like to set up a standing order please speak to Stephanie Palmer. Also, please see her if you area tax payer and you have not yet signed a Gift Aid declaration. This enables the church to reclaim the tax that you have paid on which will increase your gift at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you.