Mildenhall Anglican Church


 From Sunday  25th March  the church will close at 6pm and Compline will be 7.45pm

Jars of Change ( Water Aid Lent Appeal)

Children like Ruqqa have already had to give up so much, this Lent you can make sure they don't have to give up their future.

Many children in the UK dread going back to school after the holidays, but Ruqqa is feeling the cmpletely opposite. She's longing to return to school but she can't.

That's because her school has no running water. And where there's no running water, there are no working toilets, nothing to drink all day and no where to wash hands. The lack of clean water makes it hard for students to concentrate, and not being able to wash their hands increases the risk of catching serious illnesses. ~This sitation forces many children to drop out of school.

By giving up something and donating what you save could help Ruqqa and hundreds of other children return to school.

Don't forget to bring your jars back on Easter Sunday

Fun Food Faith
Sunday 1st April
4-5pm An Easter Special
with games, actviities, crafts a short service and tea.
For all ages Everyone welcome
This event is free but plates of food (ready cut and easy to eat) are welcome

Clean up day Saturday 28th April

Lots of jobs to do, big & small, inside and out. All welcome

"Recalling all hymn books"

Has anyone got a hymn book at home? Please could you bring it back as we are missing quite a


Blue bin recycling

Please make sure we only use the blue bin for clean, dry paper, card, cardboard, aluminimum cans and plastics which can be recycled.(mostly bottles and biscuit tin liners) Little bits of plastic bags and cellophane etc. cannot go in the blue bin. In church we collect items for the blue bin in the small grey bins – please make sure you have emptied your cup before putting it in the bin.

Thank you

First Aid box alert

While we hope First Aid will not be needed- if you are not already aware- the First aid box is on the bottom shelf of the hymn book trolley nearest to the main door.

Or at least it should be there somewhere- sometimes it gets pushed to the back, hidden behind a box or buried under papers. Please can we make sure that it is always quickly and easily accessible by keeping it at the front of the shelf and free of any obstructing items. Thank you.



News for your interest and for your help in putting into action:

1. The grass in the area under the trees opposite the north door is beginning to grow, so the red fencing will be taken away. However, we still need to let this grass become established. So, please avoid parking here. There are now signs on the spaces next to the Cottage rooms as a reminder that these are for people coming to the church who have limited mobility.

2. The fire policy requires a 2nd exit to be open - this will usually be the south door. We will need to do a fire drill in a service soon- as soon as we have the welcome team primed about their roles.

3. Please continue to help to keep distractions to a minimum, by waiting to move from, or to your seat during a pause in the service or a hymn. This is especially so during for example the important time of banns being read, the quiet of prayers, of notices being given, or other times of focusing and listening. Thank you.

4. At a Holy Communion service, for health reasons, as an alternative to taking wine from the chalice, we have some small cups to save you trying to dip your bread in the chalice and the problems that come from this. So, please allow the Holy Communion assistant to give you a small cup and then give it back to them after you have drunk the wine. Thank you.  

5. The church may stay open until 8pm on light evenings to allow more people to visit.

6. If you would like to make your gifts to the church by a standing order directly into the church account this would be very welcome. If you are giving in this way, please do not feel that you need to put something on the plate when it passes. Or, if you feel strongly that you would like to have something to put on the plate, we could make a card for you to put on, as a symbol of your gift.

7. If you would like to set up a standing order please speak to Stephanie Palmer. Also, please see her if you area tax payer and you have not yet signed a Gift Aid declaration. This enables the church to reclaim the tax that you have paid on which will increase your gift at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you.