Mildenhall Anglican Church


Please note there will not be a compline service on Maundy Thursday, only a service of Holy Communion at 7.30pm. Please note that after the clocks change from Sunday 26th March the church will close at 6pm and Compline will be 7.45-8pm

 Come explore the Easter Trails  - Something for all ages 

Lent appeal

Water aid- one child dies every minute due to dirty water.

Once again Lent is an opportunity to save to save lives (using a jam jar if you wish). We can exchange jars of change to life giving water as we support this charity.

Please pick up a jar, or jar sleeve if you have a jar at home- and bring them containing your change on Easter Sunday.

Please see the Funday Sunday Water Aid board to see how life changing your gift can be. Thank you.

Lent lunches

We are hosting one of the Lent lunches on Tuesday March 28th. Jean Bates is co-ordinating the lunch. Please sign the list

if you are able to bring any food, soup, rolls etc. and/or offer help on the day. Thanks.

The Lent lunches are in support of Christian Aid. Please also see their Count your blessing leaflet for other suggestions of ways we can put funds aside for Christian Aid.

Lent Lunches 2017

Tuesday 4th April Kings Church Mildenhall

Tuesday 11th April Barton Mills Church Rooms

Grace – Christian Aid

For food in a world where many walk in hunger;

For faith in a world where many have been forced to flee

We give you thanks, O Lord Amen

Church Flowers- if you would like to donate towards Easter and flowers for church, please give your donations to Ann Leeks or place them in the box at service times.

And/or if you would like to decorate a windowsill for Easter please speak with Ann. This could be a simple vase of flowers to something more decorative. After the absence of flowers during Lent let’s make the church bright and alive as we celebrate Easter.

Good Friday: there are four different ways to be part of Good Friday services:-Instead of the usual prayers at 9.45 we will meet at 9.45am outside church for one prayer and then walk with the cross to the precinct for 10am.

-At 10am we will be with Churches together in Mildenhall for readings reflecting on people at the cross on the day of crucifixion. -Then walking with the cross back to Methodist church for a service starting at 10.30am.

-From 2-3pm there will be a quiet service of reflection.

Easter Sunday Fun, food and faith. 4.00-5.30pm.

Something for everyone. Activities, crafts, egg hunt, short service and tea.

Please come and also give out invitations to others.

If you can please bring easy to eat food to share for tea.

Clean up Day

Saturday April 29th from 9am

Please come and help - jobs small and large, inside and out.

Recycling Along with the bee world area, as part of our mandate to look after God’s creation we are trying to re-cycle as much as we can. To help in this- please separate the rubbish – In the waste paper baskets- for the blue bin- dry cardboard (please empty left over dregs of coffee and tea from paper cups before putting in the basket), tinfoil, re-cyclable plastic eg. plastic bottles. Plastic bags, cellophane, matchsticks and other things which are presently un-recyclable need to be put in the red bins which are emptied into the grey bins. Thanks.

News for your interest and for your help in putting into action:

1. The grass in the area under the trees opposite the north door is beginning to grow, so the red fencing will be taken away. However, we still need to let this grass become established. So, please avoid parking here. There are now signs on the spaces next to the Cottage rooms as a reminder that these are for people coming to the church who have limited mobility.

2. The fire policy requires a 2nd exit to be open - this will usually be the south door. We will need to do a fire drill in a service soon- as soon as we have the welcome team primed about their roles.

3. Please continue to help to keep distractions to a minimum, by waiting to move from, or to your seat during a pause in the service or a hymn. This is especially so during for example the important time of banns being read, the quiet of prayers, of notices being given, or other times of focusing and listening. Thank you.

4. At a Holy Communion service, for health reasons, as an alternative to taking wine from the chalice, we have some small cups to save you trying to dip your bread in the chalice and the problems that come from this. So, please allow the Holy Communion assistant to give you a small cup and then give it back to them after you have drunk the wine. Thank you.  

5. The church may stay open until 8pm on light evenings to allow more people to visit.

6. If you would like to make your gifts to the church by a standing order directly into the church account this would be very welcome. If you are giving in this way, please do not feel that you need to put something on the plate when it passes. Or, if you feel strongly that you would like to have something to put on the plate, we could make a card for you to put on, as a symbol of your gift.

7. If you would like to set up a standing order please speak to Stephanie Palmer. Also, please see her if you area tax payer and you have not yet signed a Gift Aid declaration. This enables the church to reclaim the tax that you have paid on which will increase your gift at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you.