Mildenhall Anglican Church

Practical Points- to help us in working and worshipping together

Please can you help us with the following:

Parking – the area under the trees has become very worn. In due time the plastic net will be replaced and the grass re-seeded. This will mean that the parking will need to be restricted until the grass has grown. For now please can we save extra wear and return to the original plan of having this as an area of parking for those who have mobility or walking problems. Please remember that the path to the parking area is a walk-way. A concerned resident has asked that we make sure we drive slowly and give way to pedestrians. Thank you

The “peace” which we exchange in a service is a celebration of the specialness of the peace we have with God and with each other. It is included in the service so that we can affirm this peace as we share it with each other. It is, however, symbolic in that we need only share it with those around us and not with everyone. The emphasis needs to be on a friendly sharing of the peace without other conversation.

For the time being, we are placing the peace at the beginning of the service, so that later on in the service there is quiet transition towards Holy Communion. This should help to maintain our focus on God and to aid the flow of the service.

Prayers   It can be difficult for us all to concentrate when we pray. Traditionally prayer has been helped by kneeling, closing our eyes and putting our hands together. While we may not do all these things now, finding a comfortable position which does not distract us, or taking up a humble posture, or very consciously focusing our thoughts can be beneficial. Let’s take prayer more seriously, it is a wonderful gift.

And please can we request that where possible parents help their children to pray by encouraging them to be quiet and perhaps putting their hands together or whatever is helpful to teach them that this is something special that we can take part in.

Moving during the service   There may be times when we need to move – to go to the toilet, to get something, etc. It is really helpful please and less distracting for everyone, if we as far as possible we move during a hymn and especially avoid moving a prayer.

Seating   In a theatre, or at a concert people the front seats are the prime ones- not so it seems in churches. It is great to sit near to others as it helps singing etc., but this is often as far back as possible leaving the leader and worship group in isolation. Please help the togetherness, communication and interaction which encourages participation in worship by sitting towards the front. (This may also help those who have difficulty with hearing, especially while the loop system awaits repair). Thanks.